About Access Economics

Welcome to Access Economics!

I’m Chris Woolliscroft. I’ve been a professional economist for most of my working life, working in a handful of UK Government departments. I started Access Economics because I could see how useful economics could be in so many different contexts, to so many different people, if only it was made more accessible. My goal is to make economics less technical and easier to apply to real world situations, without ‘dumbing down’ or sacrificing its usefulness. The more people that economics can reach, the more it can help them make good decisions – whether they’re in business, public policy or any field in-between.

Although I passionately believe in economics, I don’t believe economics is the answer in itself. What economics does is provide an excellent toolkit, to analyse lots of everyday problems. It’s a living subject, constantly changing and evolving with the world around us.

Knowing the economics is only part of the story. Knowing how to apply the economics to everyday issues is the key to getting the most out of it.

Sounds complicated? You don’t have to be an expert to make the most of what economics has to offer. Let me give you an example. I absolutely love motorbikes. I try to do all my own work on my bikes where I can. I’ve no formal mechanical training; I’m just an enthusiastic biker who wants to understand what makes my bikes tick. And more than anything, I love that sense of achievement I get from doing a job myself, rather than paying a mechanic to do it.

With Wakefield College’s motorcycle maintenance course setting me on my way (and some help from my much more mechanically minded dad), I can do most servicing jobs now. At home, in my garage, with no special tools.

This is what I want everyone to achieve with economics. You don’t have to be an expert to understand economics well and to use it properly. You don’t have to shell out thousands to consultancy companies. You too can get that same sense of satisfaction from doing the job yourself. How? Because I’m here to show you how and to give you the confidence to take the tools that economics provides back to the office with you; and apply them to everyday issues.


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